Sandra Noelle Dyck

Sandra Dyck went to be with her Lord and Saviour on April 21, 2021 after a 2 year battle with cancer, and her family was with her until the end. She was a devoted and loving wife, mother, grandmother and sister.

Sandra was born in Vancouver on Dec. 20, 1955, the first child of Alvin and Grace Teel. She grew up and went to school in Burnaby, joined Willingdon MB Church in her early 20s, and it was there that she met her husband of 41 years, Erwin. They were married at the church in 1980, and soon moved to Winnipeg following a job opportunity and to be closer to Erwin’s family. However, they both longed to come back to BC, and moved to Quesnel in 1981, where their oldest child Andrew was born. They moved to Victoria in 1986, where both Joel and Laura were born.

Sandra loved Victoria and established many friendships while attending Lambrick Park Church and later Glad Tidings Church. Sandra’s joy was in serving others. She was active in Sunday School and in the Greeting ministry, as well as through different food ministries. She loved her church and the people she met, many of whom became close friends. When Sandra was not enriching lives through volunteer work, she also worked for the Victoria School District for 20 years and developed many long-lasting friendships.

But mostly she loved her family, especially her children and later, her sweet granddaughter. Even when very sick and in much pain, she always brightened up when her granddaughter came to visit.

We would like to thank her family doctor Jennifer Lush and all the nurses and staff who looked after her during her many hospital stays and during the last 2 weeks at RJH. We would also like to thank all the friends and family for their prayers and generosity during her illness, making this horrible experience easier to bear. Blessings to you all. Sandra has passed on to eternal life with Jesus and is suffering no longer.

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Condolence Messages

  1. My sincere heartfelt condolences to Erwin, Andrew, Joel, And Laura. I knew Sandra n Quesnel and have fond memories of her. I still make her bread and butter pickles. Such a tragic loss for all those left behind. Sandra I will always remember your smile and sense of humour. You were one who loved and gave unconditionally. I will continue to pray for husband and children as they grieve for you.

  2. Linda and Gary Gibson

    Our dear friend Sandra – she was an honest, devoted person who was committed to the causes she believed in and the wide circle of those she loved….she was a wonderful communicator, a hard worker, and she didn’t sweat the small stuff, she gave things her best shot without fanfare or being frivolous.
    Sandra is in our hearts and will never leave.
    We feel so blessed to have shared friendship and love…

  3. Sandra and I loved greeting together at Glad Tidings..we had such fun! Back in Lambrick we taught Sunday School together. My favorite thing about Sandra was her sense of humor!! I will miss her greatly

  4. My dear friend Sandra… always good company, caring, kind and loving in every way. My deepest condolences to Erwin and her 3 children who were always there for her. You are now resting in a beautiful heaven and I am missing you and you will always be my inspiration to be kinder and more loving and more giving.
    Much love Sandi Rekis

  5. Roxanne Naismith

    Sandra came for several years with other friends from Glad Tidings Church, to Gleaners in Oliver, BC. There was a spark in her that came alive in the camaraderie, joking and kabitzing, no holds barred. Many precious pictures reveal Sandra at her rejoicing best. We will miss her dearly, but look forward to that glorious day; being together once again.
    With much love,
    Earl and Roxanne Naismith

  6. Sharon O’Dornan

    Sandra was an outstanding colleague. She was efficient and knowledgeable. Best of all, Sandra was always ready to lend a hand, providing a little extra support wherever needed. You couldn’t take yourself too seriously, though, or she would “get you” with one of her dry, extremely funny jokes. Sandra played glorious piano music for the students graduating from Victor, giving them the pomp and ceremony they deserved. Her creative talents continued to blossom with her hand-made cards. Each is a work of art. Sandra wanted to get together with her friends for one more cup of tea. I will remember her when I drink mine. Rest In Peace, dear Sandra.

  7. Susanne Scarborough

    For 6 years I enjoyed working out of the same office as Sandra. She had an easy smile and if I was around at lunchtime…there always seemed to be laughter coming from the lunch room. But for many years before that .Sandra was one of my “go to person” for lots of inputting of special education information. She was always willing to help.
    Sandra played the piano at lunch, for special events or for the students at Victor School.
    I enjoyed buying cards that Sandra had made! Such a talented woman ❤️
    Rest In Peace Sandra💞

  8. Baranieski Gayla

    We are both struggling to accept that Sandra is no longer with us. We met Sandra through Erwin and she quickly became a treasured friend. We had such fun get togethers with Sandra and Erwin, and Gary and Linda: lots of laughs, good food, and sharing of life’s and family’s adventures, Sandra loved life, her family, her faith. It was extremely difficult to watch her struggle with her illness- she was so fearless. Our hearts are with Erwin, Laura, Joel, Andrew and the rest of the family. Much love from Michael and Gayla

  9. Lisa Scalapino

    I knew Sandra for a little more than 5 years- meeting her when I first arrived here in Victoria. She was smart and funny and matter of fact. But mostly she was generous. As I came to know her little by little I learned that she spent her summers gleaning fruit trees so the extra could be given to those in need of food; she knitted for a time with a small group at Victor so warm knit items could be given to those who were in need of warmth. I learned these things about her almost incidentally, just in passing. It was so second nature to her, so deeply a part of her nature to devote herself to such practices. And in between to be the kind of friend you could count on day in and day out with the little stuff and the big stuff. I send my heart felt condolences to all of her family. May her spirit be with you.

  10. Elizabeth and Bryan Peebles (cousin)

    Sandra will leave a large hole in Erwin’s and her family’s lives and hearts. I feel for Aunt Grace (her mother) and sisters (especially Rhonda, who lived near Sandra). We’ll all miss her spondaneous laugh, the twinkle in her eyes and just such a zest for life! However, we’re all glad Sandra is no longer suffering, nor does her family see her brave front but knowing that Sandra is now with Jesus.

  11. Our deepest sympathy Ervin from Debbie and eric

  12. Grant Ellefson

    Grant Ellefson (childhood friend)
    I first came to know Sandra through group piano lessons with Mrs. Perry, we were all of 7 years old. Okay, Mrs. Perry was not Sandra’s favourite teacher but it did allow for a life long friendship with Floyd, Sandra and me. Sandra was priceless at recitals because she always kept us laughing as we gracefully took our turns to go out and bedazzle the audience which of course, was mainly family and friends.
    Sandra’s life was lived to the fullest, a wonderful marriage, three beautiful children, a grandchild and a loving home, her memories will live on.
    Sandra’s courage and strength battling her disease would not allow for pity or sympathy, I will never know how she could remain so positive and content with life, but I am sure that it would have a lot to do with her loving family and strong faith in Jesus.
    Sandra, you will be missed by all who had the pleasure to know you.
    My deepest condolences to Erwin, Joel, Andrew and Laura.

  13. Diane Hackett

    Sandra was a true friend. She was gracious, honest, hilarious and had a heart full of love. When talking to Sandra this last while I would often start the conversation asking how she was. Without a pause Sandra would say something like “Doing okay and managing the pain sometimes better than other times.” Then true to Sandra form, would ask questions about my family, and was always interested in our adult kids as they were similar to the ages of Andrew, Joel and Laura. Sandra was always kind and encouraging with a hilarious sense of honest humour.

    When our families were young we used to go camping together with a couple of other families to a place called Tuc El Nuit, about a mile from Oliver during the summers. The moms would often sit in our lawn chairs in the lake while our kids floated around nearby. Every once in a while we would take a dip and then get right back into our chairs.

    During my last visit to Sandra while she was the hospital, I had the bright idea to make a little bulletin board in her room so she could look at and remember fun times we had together. I used this special double sided tape that I purchased on the internet which guaranteed easy removal. Sandra was having a little sleep while I put this photo arrangement up. When she woke up I pointed our our memories that were firmly stuck to the wall. Sandra lifted her body up and looked carefully. She said “Oh it is lovely.” Sandra looked at it for while and then had a little sleep. While Sandra was resting, I decided to rearrange a couple photos. They were stuck so firmly with this “guaranteed easy to remove tape” that I was not able to take one picture off without the paint it was stuck to. I left the photos without rearranging them and then apologized to the nurses on my way out. I was relieved they were not concerned.

    Erwin came in later during the visit and were were discussing the ages of our kids. I wasn’t sure if Joel was born in 1989 and asked Erwin. While Erwin was thinking about it, we heard Sandra, who appeared to be sleeping say “88” very strongly. Sandra was always good with details. When it was time to leave Sandra said something about a having a hug before I left. That was one of the best hugs ever.

    I miss you my dear friend, but you are probably making playing the piano and singing with the angels in heaven and laughing. Peace and love to Erwin, Andrew, Laura and their families.

  14. Our sincere condolences to Erwin and the family on the loss of their lovely Sandra. Such a sad outcome to a long and difficult battle. Your are all in our thoughts and prayers.

  15. Treena Nagy Toth

    Erwin, I’m so sorry.
    Sandra was my example of graciousness, thoughtfulness and devotion. I will never forget how grounded she was and how much she cherished her life as wife, mother and grandmother. I will miss her.

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