Peter Charles Lascelles Griffiths  

September 20, 1949 – Dec 14, 2021
It is with a mix of sorrow and thanks that our family remembers Peter Griffiths. He was always proud of and loved his children dearly, Danby, Scott (Mirella), Jace, Rutger, and Knowlton, his granddaughters Anna-Sofia and Vivian, and he always had great hopes for the future that will carry forward in them all.
Throughout his life Peter burned hot, got many things done, and maintained his independence. He was an inspiration to more than he confounded and many who were influenced or challenged by him went on to greater things as a result.
Born in Brighton, Peter emigrated to Canada with his family in the 50’s and was always very proud of his Welsh roots. His parents had been a nurse (Gabrielle Nowak) and RAF pilot (Wilfred Griffiths) during WWII, his father became a GP and moved the family (Penny, Patricia, Paul) to Trenton, Ontario in the 1950’s. Traumas of war and family issues did not escape Peter yet he worked to shed these burdens in his own life and instead tried to pass on joy through music, love, inspiration, and celebration.
At around 14 Peter fled boarding school, fought with his dad, lied about his age, headed north (Lynn Lake) with a backpack and a gun and got a job in a mine. From this time forward his personal adventures took him to many places, experiences, and people (some stories are true). Peter loved his mom, music, the environment (even when chopping it down), people, flying, fishing, fighting a good fight, tools, his family, and many other things that he did well. Peter represented Canada at the 1988 world hang gliding championships in Australia, where he placed 21st overall.
As a talented piano and guitar player Peter worked at times as a musician but he was also very passionate about our forests, forest policy, and working in the woods as a faller, horse-logger, log house builder, early hele-logger, and writer as a Timber columnist for Equity magazine. Peter also worked to build a successful software company in the 80’s that modernized log scaling technologies in BC. Two decades prior to the iPhone (91) Peter also ventured to grow his business with development of a mobile cellular device for email and personal use. Peter was ahead of his time and loved the challenge and opportunities of our world.
Peter was always givvener and left nothing on the table.

Onwards and upwards, Skipper, don’t let the bastards grind you down.

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Condolence Messages

  1. Congrats to you Scotty, successfully writing a 3D obit in 2D. You nailed it, your dad sure did love his kids and everybody he knew had to hear about it. He stood 10 feet tall and like a Bantam Rooster it’s like he didn’t even know he was only 5’ 7”, bigger than life guy, one of my best friends ever and in my opinion there’s not enough Peter Griffiths in this world. Hugs from Jacquie and I to the family and friends that might in some small way feel the same.
    Ralph & Jacquie Allen

  2. Sorry to hear about this Scotty! Condolences to you and the fam and your sister. The captain was a interesting man and someone I will never forget. Great memories of him playing that awesome guitar to Colin James and teaching us hang gliding lessons on the driveway. And the crow that he and you rescued in the downstairs room! Mavis (sp?) lessons and much more. His stories were alway shocking and amazing. Love to meet up this summer with the family. Joffrey

    • Scott Griffiths

      Thanks Joffrey yes I have a lot of fun memories from our time in west van and skipper was never boring! Will look forward to catching up with the families one of these days. SG

  3. I remember meeting your dad briefly in… 91? As we left, you explained his invention to me and I was confused but impressed – a Nostradamus moment (in hindsight)..
    If an obituary makes its reader want to stand up and live more bravely and more deeply, then both the writer and his subject have done their jobs well!
    Thanks for sharing Scott.
    Shamus Finnegan

  4. I was the provincial scaling Forester in the late 1980’s and 90’s. Peter was one of my clients. He developed some very innovative scaling software for handheld computers which facilitated more meaningful scale results. Peter was always great to deal with and always wore a blue suit. He was a real gentleman.

    I knew Peter had a lot of knowledge and a diverse background. After I retired in 2002, Peter called me at home. We had a lunch at West Bay. That is when I really got to know Peter . He was living on his boat at that time . He talked about his family, his loghouse building , his music and writing. He was a very thoughtful, interesting and bright man. I lost touch with Peter and always regretted l didn’t get to spend more time with him.

    I wish my heartfelt condolences to Peter’s family , Victor Dove

    • Scott Griffiths

      Thanks for the kind words Victor.

      • Jim Witter (Cell e-mail)

        I first became acquanted with Peter in 2006 when he arrived at our Marina and set up house living aboard his first vessel the MV Money Girl which he subsquently upgraded several years later with the MV Mirella. He was well ensconced as a
        live aboard life in the West Bay of the Victoria Harbour for over a decade. Always witty and willing to share a story he was a great addition to our eclectic Harbour community. To me Peter was a truely iconic Canadian man. Capable, bright, and hard working. He is missed.
        Jim Witter
        Hidden Harbour Marine Centre
        Esquimalt, BC

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