Cremation Containers and Caskets

British Columbia law requires that the deceased is enclosed in a rigid container for cremation.

Please choose a casket or cremation container to proceed.

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    Minimum container for deceased who weigh less than 225 lbs. Unlined cardboard container without bedding or pillow.
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    Minimum container for deceased who weigh more than 225 lbs
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    Taupe felt cover, white interior and decorative wood handle
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    Made from up to 75% recycled materials, Rosetan crepe interior with matching pillow and decorative handle.
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    Cloth covered plywood with handles. White bedding and pillow.
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    Solid second growth pine with eggshell crepe interior and wood bar handles. Approved for Green Burial.
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    Octagon shape, cloth covered with flower embossed exterior. Light pink bedding and pillow.
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    Precision cut, solid poplar with rosetan crepe interior, bedding and pillow.

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